Bubi Rural District Council (RDC) is facing stiff resistance from the local community in its quest to begin mining operations at Motapa Mine where six people died in a gold rush last month.

The revelations emerged during a meeting organised by the Bubi RDC to engage the district leadership on the matter.

After last month’s incident, Bubi RDC, convinced that the mine needed an organised type of management, negotiated with the owner of the mine and got a contract allowing them to commence operations as a way of protecting locals from the high risk activities.

However, the community is against this arrangement.

According to Bubi RDC CEO, Mr Patson Mlilo, the local authority had proposed to employ locals at the mine and use the proceeds to develop roads, clinics, schools, dams and other facilities that will benefit the community, but locals want to extract the precious mineral as individuals.

“It looks like they are not agreeable to that. They want to get there as miners not as workers, so we are still yet to negotiate further. We are going to engage their leaders; senators, MPs and other top political leadership on the district,” he said.

Acting Chairperson of the Department of the District Civil Protection Committee, Ms Phoebie Moyo and Bubi RDC Chairperson, Mr Nkosana Sibanda agreed that the ultimate goal is to eliminate the risk of loss of lives locals experienced last month.

The mine is owned by GDL 10 (Pvt) Limited and the RDC had already taken equipment worth over $6000 which included  barbed wire, wooden doors and diamond fence, but these were stolen while some were burnt by the angry locals.

The mine is currently under guard by the Zimbabwe Republic Police.