A local theatre group, Vulindlela is grooming primary school pupils in drama and traditional dances to promote knowledge and appreciation of cultural activities at grassroots levels.

Created in the year 2000, Vulindlela Theatre Company has been on an arts and cultural promotion agenda where they helped in the formation of various arts groups among them Masibambaneni Theatre Arts, Isavuka and Pezhuba Pachena Arts Group says its director Mr Michael Kanyika.

In the schools programme, some of the primary schools whose students have been trained include Makwika, St Ignatius and lwendulu Primary School in Hwange with more expected to be incorporated this year.

“In this training programme i must say we have noted some improvement in the performance of schools during local competitions. For example i can tell you right now that lwendulu Primary went as far as the final level of the Jikinya Arts Festival because of this training,” he said.

The theatre company also performs at various district, provincial and national events and last year it participated in the Chibuku Neshamwari Arts Festival.

The 15 member group also undertakes awareness programmes for malaria, HIV and AIDS, cholera and work safety among other issues.