Local musicians are adopting innovative strategies of selling their music in a bid to overcome piracy.

One such artist is a Bulawayo man who is using a public address (PA) system mounted in a pushcart to sell their music.

A pushcart, a generator, and a PA system on the streets of Bulawayo are the new marketing tools for local musicians, especially aspiring artists who have chosen to personally sell their own music.

At corner Main Street and 5th Avenue, Siceliwe Sibanda, Joseph Jele and Mpenduloyenkosi Moyo told the ZBC News how they have managed to get good sales through marketing their music on the streets.

“I thought of selling my music in the streets because I realised that it was useless to bury my talent or give away my music since piracy has been an issue in the country,” said Jele.

“We are promoting our music because we realised piracy is not making it easier if we use the right channels to promote our music, so we decided to move around selling our music, we are glad people like it,” Sibanda said.

“In our cart, we have a speaker, an amplifier, a generator and a microphone, it is loud and people can hear our music from afar. We only face problems when our fuel runs out,” Moyo said.

Musicians used to sell their works through formal record companies such as Grammar Records, ZMC and RTP, but with piracy, musicians have had to craft innovative ways to maximise revenue.

The upcoming artists say they are finding joy in selling their music directly to the public on the streets.