chris gudu 10-08-10.jpgZimbabwean international artist, Chris Kayana Gudu, an original member of the once Bulawayo-based group Matonto, is currently working on a musical project that features Zimbabwean and Australian musicians.


Chris, who is younger brother to Kevin Gudu formerly of the group Matonto and of the popular ‘90s hit song ‘Tombofara’, grew up in Bulawayo not only playing musical instruments and singing with his family, but also made instruments such as guitars and drums.

Today, he switches between drums and the bass guitar.

Such is the versatility of the Australian based musician who was in the country recently following a brief stop-over in South Africa for a tour together with his band members.

Chris has performed with some leading world artists including playing drums for the late Brian Sibalo, bass for Afro soul group, Wells Fargo in Zimbabwe, Maluju and Thuza from South Africa and touring with Matonto across the United Kingdom.

It was whilst in Europe that Chris performed with a number of other international African greats.

All the time Chris was developing his own songwriting, production and performance skills, much of which was taken on board by his peers in their recordings.

Since picking up the bass again and giving the drum kit a rest, Chris formed his own band Jive Kayana with sell-out concerts and festivals.

Gudu is fast becoming one of the major Zimbabwean international artists due to the worldwide success of his Bavimbeni album which is now officially available in the country.

The up tempo and exuberant music is what is often referred to as “Township Jive Music” which presents a touch of Afro jazz.

His new line-up features two African backing singers and a combination of Zimbabwean and Australian musicians.

The Chris Gudu performance is worth experiencing, not just once but over and over again.