gold panners1.jpgLocal miners say the coming in of the Indigenisation and Empowerment program should  give  them an opportunity to  venture into mainstream mining activities and create opportunities for economic growth.


The local miners have expressed hope that the indigenisation policy will provide a platform for them to increase production, create jobs and improve technical expertise in the capital intensive but viable mining sector.

The Zimbabwe Gold Millers and Miners Association (ZIGMMA) President Mr.  Nixon Misi said the indigenisation policy is coming at a time when local miners have committed themselves towards increasing output and ensuring the revival of the economy.

Another local miner Mr Irvine Gatawa said the small scale mining industry want to be assisted in their endeavor to claim stakes in foreign owned mining concerns.

Local miners have been experiencing production and viability constraints but they are pinning hopes on the indigenisation policy which seeks to ensure that locals acquire a 51 % stake in foreign owned companies with an asset value of at least US$ 500 000, while enabling the external firms to retain 49 % of the shares.