zncc-logo.pngThe Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) says local industry and commerce have the capacity to recover an average of 200 to 300 megawatts of electricity that is going to waste owing to lack of proper energy optimisation measures.

As the country grapples with power challenges 20 to 40% of electricity being used in industry is believed to be going to waste as companies are ignorant on measures to conserve energy.

This has necessitated the ZNCC to commission a training program that will promote energy efficiency by training in the optimisation of energy in the local industry and commercial sectors.

ZNCC Chief Economist, Mr. Kipson Gundani says the organisation has realised the need for business to play a part in conserving the little energy that is in the country as well as saving on electricity bills since there are little prospects for expansion in power generation at the moment.

Energy Efficiency Project Engineer, Owen Masaraure says a lot of electricity being used per hour during industrial periods is actually not being converted to useful energy due to magnetic effects and loading inefficiencies and can be saved.

The targeted sectors for the ZNCC energy efficiency training programs range from mining, manufacturing, commerce and the public sectors.

The country has the capacity to generate 1 520 megawatts but is currently generating 1020 megawatts complimented by imports of 25 megawatts due to non-functioning equipment and machinery.