dams in zimbabwe.jpgThe Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) says dam levels have risen significantly following the good rains received so far in the season with the nation’s inland water bodies 75% full on average.

According to ZINWA Acting Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Knowledge Mudzengerere there has been significant inflows into the country’s dams with capacity varying depending on the amount of rain received in the dam’s catchment areas.

As of the 17th of this month the highest recorded dam level was at Mundi Mataga in Mberengwa which is 109% full followed by Wenimbi dam in Marondera which is 102% full.

Setting aside reticulation challenges, Harare residents are assured of adequate water supply as the city’s main water source Chivero dam is 99% full and set to spill in a week’s time.

Engineer Mudzengerere also said that though the amount of raw water is adequate for the country’s needs there are a lot of challenges in the area of water supply, which he attributed to obsolete equipment , power supply and economic constraints.

“Yes we have enough raw water, but challenges are still there and these include power cuts and obsolete equipment,” said Engineer Mudzengerere.


The filling up of the country’s major dams is a boost to urban water supply and to the mainstay of the economy, agriculture, as farmers are expected to take advantage of the abundant water for irrigation in the winter season.


Dam                                                         Purpose                                                     Percentage full

Chivero                                          Water supply/ Irrigation                                            98.7%
Manyame                                      Water supply/ Irrigation                                            75.2%
Mazvikadei                                     Water supply/ Irrigation                                            96.2%
Karoi                                              Water supply/ Irrigation                                            63.2%
Mazowe                                         Irrigation                                                                  22.5%
Wenimbi                                        Water supply/ Irrigation                                             98.0%
Beitbridge 1                                    Water supply                                                            75.1%
Mundi Mataga                                Irrigation                                                                109.4%
Nyajena                                          Irrigation                                                                  72.7%
Mutirikwi                                        Water supply/ Irrigation                                             53.5%
Gwenoro                                        Water supply/ Irrigation                                             91.9%
Osborne                                         Irigation                                                                   87.5%
Wenimbi                                        Irrigation                                                                 102.1%
Mtshabezi                                      Water supply/ Irrigation                                            101.2%
Insiza                                            Water supply/ Irrigation                                              87.6%
Khami                                           Irrigation                                                                   93.5%