As business confidence improves owing to an improving operating environment, local companies are increasing their capacity by spreading their wings throughout the country.

The gross domestic product for the country in 2018 is expected to surpass expectations on the back of improved business confidence due to optimism that has gripped the nation under the new economic era.

Minister of State for Midlands Province Cde Owen Ncube applauded the rate at which companies are spreading wings in the Midlands as a show of improved economic situation as the government continues with its raft of economic reforms.

He was speaking during an official opening of a branch by a local retail chain in Kwekwe.

“As the minister of the province I am pleased to be here officiating the opening of the new branch which is an endorsement for the province’s openness to do business. As a deployee of the government, I will report back and say surely your reforms are having an impact as witnessed here,” he said.

It is a venture that will grow the ratepayers base that will improve on the town’s coffers but more importantly create employment for the local community.

Mayor Kwekwe Town Council, Mr Titos Madzoke said; “I hope that the company will start paying rates tomorrow for refuse collection and sewerage. We have witnessed a jump of revenue collection in the last few months as more companies like these are opening”.

“Everything that we are going to use will be supplied by the locals be it potatoes, eggs, tomatoes or chickens. We also have a policy of employing from within hence jobs will be created for Kwekwe residents,” said Eat n Lick Managing Director, Mrs Tsitsi Musabayana.

Minister Ncube also said although foreign direct investment (fdi) is important, charity should begin at home with locals taking the lead in investing in their own country.

In that way FDI will compliment the local efforts by Zimbabweans.