zim maize.jpgFarmers have expressed disappointment over the refusal by local banks to support government’s land reform programme by extending loans to finance agricultural operations.    


Although newly resettled farmers ranging from communal to commercial have proved their capabilities as shown by the increase in output of agricultural commodities such as maize and tobacco in recent seasons, banks have remained reluctant to extend loans to famers. 


 Farmers who spoke to ZBC News said banks have shown that they are not willing to extend loans, noting that funds publicized as being availed to financial institutions for lending to the agriculture sector are never available on the ground. 


Farmers have continued to play a big role in enhancing the nation’s food security although hampered by a drought threat which has curtailed efforts to reach the projected 2009 – 2010 maize target of 2.7 million metric tonnes.      

The country now expects a 1.5 million maize yield which falls short of the nation’s requirements.