council salaries 20.10.jpgGovernment says local authorities should comply with a directive to submit salary schedules for the intended clampdown on very high salaries that are being paid to senior council officials.


The committee that was set up by government to institute investigations into the corrupt activities as well as the high salaries that are being paid to senior council officials has been met with stiff resistance by most local authorities who failed to submit salary schedules, thus defying a government directive.


In an interview after a heated meeting with key stakeholders, chairman of the committee who is also the Deputy Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Mr. Cecil Zvidzayi said they are going to ensure that the rationalisation of salaries will continue until all local authorities comply with the set regulations that only 30% of income should be allocated to salaries, while the rest should be directed to service delivery and capital development projects.


“We have since realized that local authorities are not willing to present their salary schedules as they are unbelievable, but as government we are really going to clamp down on these errant councils which are milking ratepayers instead of providing services,” said Mr. Zvidzai.


With the introduction of the multi-currency regime, local authorities in urban areas awarded their employees, especially top management, high salaries in anticipation of increased incomes. However, this has not been the case as revenue has been lower than expected leaving councils in a quandary.


Recently Chitungwiza municipality workers downed their tools to compel management to pay salary arrears of up to 4 months, while the City of Harare is also struggling to pay its employees.

According to reliable sources, the City of Harare town clerk takes home about US$15 000 per month, while the mayor gobbles about $US20 thousand every month.


In other cities and towns it is reported that some town clerks take home around US$10 000 in allowances and salaries.

While the city fathers continue to line their pockets, service delivery has continued to deteriorate with uncollected garbage still littering the City of Harare posing health risks to the poor people whose hard earned cash is being converted to support lavish lifestyles of those who run the councils.