The integrated results-based management (IRBM) system has taken root in many urban local authorities, a development which is expected to jump start the return of sound service delivery in many urban local authorities.

Many local authorities have made tremendous progress to implement the IRBM system, a development which will result in improved service delivery.

Thirty-two urban local authorities met in Mutare for a week long IRBM review workshop aimed at sensitising local government practitioners on performance work and monitoring plans, development of an individual performance appraisal, and understanding the rating system.

In an interview on the sidelines of the workshop, the Chairman of Town Clerk’s Forum Mr George Makunde said the implementation of IRBM should cause performance in local authorities.

He said the local government fraternity has suffered for a long time due to lack of standards system to assess its work force, right from top to bottom.

The Minister of State for Manicaland Cde Mandi Chimene urged local authorities to rise up above challenges and become vehicles for the successful implementation of ZIM ASSET programmes.

She said local authorities should fully utilise the abundant local resources to spearhead development and end chaotic development.

Many local authorities are giving rate payers a raw deal, with uncollected garbage, water problems, poor road network being some of the common problems that have compromised service delivery.