Renowned actor, comedian and writer, Jasen Mphepo has opened a theatre in Harare for the development of performing arts.

Mphepo, who got help from Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust (PET), said he noted inadequate platforms for theatrical performers to showcase their talents.

Zimbabwean playwright, Raisedon Baya’s piece, ‘Inside Out,’ which narrates the experiences of some Zimbabweans in the aftermath of the violent protests and looting sprees which rocked the country a few months ago, was the official act at the opening ceremony of the Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre on Wednesday.

Baya said the construction of a theatre for artistes will go a long way in enriching the arts sector.

“The Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre will be a space for young, upcoming artistes and the experienced ones to exchange ideas and narrate some of the untold stories on stage,” said Baya.

PET Chairperson, Mr Elvas Mari said the board is ecstatic at having played a part in assisting with the provision of space for creatives, which will go a long way in nurturing talent in theatre arts.

PET is engaged in various programmes with schools around the country where it educates scholars on sexual reproductive health, environmental concerns, as well as HIV/AIDS issues.

Theatre plays a pivotal role in exposing the breakdown of the moral fibre of society, among other social ills.