Communities in the dry parts of the country are eagerly waiting for the rains as livestock is now under threat after grazing lands have been exhausted.

Their livestock now browse trees like giraffes in search of the slightest signs of any greens and soft stems as pastures are now dry and barren of any grazing grass.

The people of Chakohwa have been checking on the skies almost every morning and sunset hoping the rains could start sooner than later.

For them the start of the summer season will pronounce better days for both humans and livestock.

“The pastures have been exhausted here living out cattle in a difficult situation with the people waiting for the rains for the grazing areas to beam with grass again,” said some of the villagers in Chipinge.

Livestock are a treasured asset for rural communities as they offer economic security.

Pen fattening has provided an option during the dry periods with farmers using crop residue to supplement cattle feeds.