A 50-year- old Charandura man has taken Chirumhanzu by storm as his traditional ways for healing livestock are the talk of the Midlands area amid indications that his services are sought out even where trained veterinary doctors might have failed to solve the complications.

The saying that “every village has its own heroes” has proved to be true for Mr Charles Mano who uses conventional methods in healing livestock with his name seemingly on every villager’s lips as his exploits are being sought out in Chirumhanzu and beyond.

Mr Mano who is also a village head in Charandura is known particularly for making livestock presumed barren to conceive and his success rate has earned him fame in the village though this has not yet transformed into fortune.

ZBC News caught up with the 55-year old at Charandura Growth Point where he highlighted how his services have assisted many, but bemoaned lack of transport as a factor affecting his exploits in some other parts of the countryside where his services are on high demand.

“There is no cattle that can be considered barren as long as village head Mano exists. I started doing this business a long time ago and my works speak for themselves. They even call me where cases become too big for the trained veterinary doctors. However, i now have a challenge with regards to transport and even a bicycle would do since some of my clients are from a distant,” said Mr Mano.

Some of the villagers who were assisted by the traditional veterinary doctor confirmed that in Mr Mano, the community has a special helper who has managed to assist them in their hour of need at little cost.

Mr Mano’s works have managed to put smiles on most villagers’ faces at a time their livestock herd is under threat from the el-nino induced drought and diseases.