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1549: Pamberi neZanu PF! Pamberi nekubatana, Pamberi nerunyararo, Pamberi negwara remusangano… Pasi nemhandu! as he concludes his speech.

1538: “I leave you with this word…You know each other in every village, If you see any stranger alert your leaders so that we know their mission. That is how we maintain peace,” ED.

1536: “We now have a scheme for civil servants including teachers for housing. We also have a recruitment programme for 3 000 teachers. We want at least 20 to 25 pupils per class so that every child is given enough attention,” ED.

1533: He has thanked teachers for stopping their strike citing they agreed that the government is going to have their cost of living adjustment in April.

1532: President Mnangagwa says women in Masvingo were given 1 000 goats by the First Lady Amai Mnangagwa’s Angle of Hope to kick-start self sustaining projects and that is the way to go.

1527: “We called for national dialogue so that we can map a way forward and develop the country but only MDC Alliance did not show up. We shall build our country one brick at a time just like Jerusalem was built,” ED.

1524: He says the MDC Alliance are just making noise that they won the elections and it is allowed in a democratic state but they should do that in a peaceful way.

 1522: “We are saying we can’t continue crying but should work using our hands. “We are asking those who imposed sanctions on us what crime have we committed against them,” ED.

1520: The President says Zimbabwe is on a engagement and re-engagement drive since the country has been under sanctions for 20 years.

1519: President Mnangagwa says the focus of his government is development, production, and skills. He says no one can develop Zimbabwe for us but this all this is possible on a peaceful environment.

1512: Moving on to education, the President says a bill is coming that will ensure that all primary education is free just like way back in the 80s when the country acquired its independence. “We come to the issue of schools. We have a bill that is coming. We want to go back to the 1980s situation where Primary Education should be for free. This new law will compel parents to send their children to school. “We don’t want any difference between a child in town and a child in rural areas. We want science subjects to be taught in all schools. Former president Mugabe was giving computers to schools with electricity and that it was noble initiative,” ED.

1511: “I said to Cde Chadzamira to come with that white farmer denying people water to my office on Monday. There is Save Conservancy and Malilangwe Trust and they are still owned by the whites. We are independent and we are masters of our country. We are masters of our destiny and masters of the wealth given to this country by God. We must determine how to use those resources nekuti ndezvedu. We can’t have wealth vamwe vachingokambura vachingokambura isu takatarisa,” ED.

1509: In mining, “Before I talk about that we have an unfortunate incident where some of our people were trapped in a mine in Kadoma and government officials and other corporates are on ground trying to rescue the survivors and pumping out water from the mines,” ED adding a Russian company called Alrosa is coming in May to start mining activities here since the area has vast tracts of gold and diamonds.

1507: The President says he has learnt that some areas do not have radio and TV network and will direct the minister responsible to make sure that every area receives radio and television signals countrywide.

1506: “I was briefed that you need more boreholes here and let me tell you that we have borehole rigs in Masvingo and your leadership should decide areas that should be prioritised,” ED.

1505: The President says the people of Mwenezi should shun the behaviour of just waiting for the government because they don’t receive rains. He says the Presidential Inputs Scheme will be in place forever hence those near water bodies should do small farming projects.

1504: “I want to talk about our rail line from Maputo. We want it to be reconstructed from Chikwalakwala to Gweru and another one will branch to Masvingo to improve our transport system.

1458: On the Harare-Beitbridge road dualisation, government had initially gave the tender to Geiger and we cancelled that deal since the company failed to provide evidence that it once undertook a project of a similar nature. He says negotiations with other companies are underway but the government has already started the construction of the road on its own.

1456: “I hear the leader of the Command Agriculture programme this side withheld fuel and lied that the fuel had not been provided, which has since hindered the progress of the programme,” ED. Listen now if you are here, and taking advantage that you in the party, we are watching you and as the government we can remove you,” ED.

1455: On agriculture, he says government will have 25 000 hectares of irrigation at Tugwi Mukosi when the master plan is completed, adding another one along Runde river is under construction.

1454: The President says he will name the Minister of State for Harare Province next week.

1453: President Mnangagwa says government has resuscitated Zupco to ease the transport problem. He says government secured 500 buses from Belarus and most of them will ply rural routes adding that 200 buses have also been bought locally and from South Africa, and they will also ply rural routes again. “The buses will charge fares that we want because they are ours. We want rural economies in line with devolution,” ED.

1452: “Thank you people of Masvingo because you said you want development. As government we will also intensify our development in rural areas because people in those areas want development,” ED.

1445: President Mnangagwa says government is compiling the list of NGOs who were working with the MDC Alliance in organising the violent disturbances which resulted in the loss of lives, damages to property especially in Bulawayo, and burning down of police stations and vehicles.

1443: He says the country did not receive adequate rains but there’s enough maize. “We are yet to use our National Strategic Grain reserve. We are still using the surplus. No one will die because of hunger,” ED.

“We once experienced fuel shortages and we have managed to address it. We also faced cooking oil and wheat challenges, on the wheat issue, I traveled to Russia and we have secured enough. As we speak some of the ships are already at Beira port. We are told cooking oil prices have gone up and we are going to address that,” ED.

1441: The President says Zimbabweans need to be resilient because those who had colonised the country are not relenting adding that they are sponsoring some elements in the opposition to destabilise the country.

1440: “As Zanu PF we want to develop our country, we want unity, we want our chiefs and village heads to preach peace and unity so that we prosper,” ED.

1437: Cde Mnangagwa says Zanu PF is the only party that preaches peace and has interests of the people at heart.

1434: He says it’s unfortunate that he has fulfilled Cde Mahofa’s invite after she died. “Here in Masvingo you are a one party province. In last year’s elections you got 25 out of 26 seats losing only one seat that’s Masvingo urban,” ED.

1432: President Mnangagwa says he failed to come here (Masvingo) in August 2017 after he was invited by the late Cde Shuvai Mahofa since he was poisoned.

1431: “I see those who write papers are saying this is a ‘Thank You’ rally, no it’s a ‘Meet the People’ rally. We will continue to meet the people,” ED adding that the Zanu PF party legislators have already thanked the electorate on his behalf.

1429: President Mnangagwa says the party has country lost its chairman in Bulawayo Cde Ndlovu and has since been accorded a national hero status.  He says he also came with VP Mohadi only, since VP Constantino Chiwenga is not feeling well adding that the party’s national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has gone for her routine check up after the Bulawayo bombing.

1424: President Mnangagwa takes to the podium.

1418: He says President Mnangagwa was arrested sentenced to death but it was realised that he was under age adding that after serving his prison term he was deported to Zambia

1411: VP Mohadi takes to the podium to introduce The President to give his keynote address.

1409: Cde Rugeje gives a detailed history of VP Mohadi starting from the days he joined the liberation struggle.

1404: National Political Commissar Retired Major General Engelbert Rugeje takes to the podium and gives further introductions.

1401: Cde Chadzamira says the President has brought 90 tonnes of rice and 120 tonnes of maize for the people of Masvingo.

1358: He says there are some white farmers who have farms in the area who are not performing their corporate social responsibility duties. “The farmers even put boom gates and curfews to prohibit people from passing through,” said Cde Chadzamira.

1355: Cde Chadzamira welcomes the presence of Cde Mnangagwa saying his arrival has been marked by the onset of rains which means his leadership is blessed

1348: Masvingo Provincial Minister of State Cde Ezra Chadzamira says Masvingo Province has no factionalism and did not participate in the violence attacks which rocked the country last month.

1340: The Zanu PF Deputy National Political Commissar Cde Omega Hungwe is now on the podium to give introductions.

1338: The National Anthem is being sung here to mark the official proceedings of the rally.

1325: Vice President Kembo mohadi has also arrived.

1334: President Mnangagwa arrives at Rutenga Business Centre in Mwenezi District, Masvingo Province.

1300: President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives at Rutenga Primary School
and goes into a briefing.