Updates by Wadzanai Mhombera and Judith Makwanya

1255: We end our updates here. Thank you.

1250:“I come from constituency where Gukurahundi occurred and we have said let’s put past behind us together with icons Umdala Wethu and all…we therefore as Zanu PF pledge peace on July 30th and always. Lets forge ahead with peaceful environment,” said Dr Mpofu.

1248: Mpofu says as  Minister of Home Affairs, govt is doing all it can to ensure coming elections are peaceful this is first time such emphasis has been made. This pledge is very important as it shows our seriousness and commitment to peaceful elections.

1247: “Let’s help heal the wounds and not open wounds,” – Mpofu.

1246: He said all are aware of the Bulawayo incident and that such evil cannot be tolerated at a time others are planning for peace in the harmonised elections. He said there is a tendency by political leaders to capitalise on those affected by violence.

1245: Next to sign is Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu, representing President Mnangagwa. Dr Mpofu says he would respond to allegations levelled against the ruling party saying he is here to heal wounds and make peace. He said following footsteps of President ED and the late former Vice President John Nkomo – peace begins with me, you and all of us – that is what Zanu PF stands for. Says the Bulawayo incident should galvanise the country to commit to peace. Dr Mpofu says this year’s election is historic as political parties are free to go about their campaigns in peace without any hindrance.

1227:  Next is Mr Morgan Komichi National Chairman of the MDC-T whose presidential candidate is Advocate Nelson Chamisa under the banner of MDC Alliance. He expressed hope that the commitment to peace is irreversible. He pays tribute to the late Mr Morgan Tsvangirai saying he “taught us to respect human life … we want to experience peace…”. Says the state must pay attention to reform demands made by the opposition. Says ZEC, police, CIO, army, chiefs, are key in ensuring peace. Urged the traditional leaders not to define people along political parties.

1219: Professor Ncube speaks about issues of access to the voters roll, transparency in issues of its printing. Raises concern on ZEC’s appearing to be turning a blind eye to complaints by voters, for instance, of voters being required to submit or show their voter registration slips whose information is being written in exercise books.

1213: It is now time for leaders of political parties which are represented in parliament. First to sign and give his remarks is Professor Welshman Ncube of the MDC. Says the primary responsibility of ensuring peace rests with the govt. Urges ZEC to treat all political parties fairly.

1202: Dr Nkosana Moyo now. He left before the signing ceremony, but his recorded message is now being beamed.

1158: Next to sign is Mrs Violet Mariacha

1155: Mr Obert Gutu is next, representing Dr Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T.

1153: Next to sign is Engineer Tendai Peter Joshua Munyanduri, president of the New Patriotic Front.

1146: Next to sign is CODE president Elliot Mangoma. Consoles those who lost their lives at the White City stadium explosion. Calls for national healing to deal with wounds of the past such as Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and others, through healing sessions and public apologies. Says the army, CIO and the police must also sign the peace pledge.

1145: Brian Taurai Muteki another presidential candidate has also signed and has urged all political parties to desist from violence.

1138: First to sign the pledge was Professor Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA party who said Zimbabweans should observe peace not only before and during elections but always. He was followed by Dr Willard Mugadza of the Bethel Christian Party. Then Mr Noah Manyika president of the Build Zimbabwe Alliance followed, he spoke of the indignity of poverty as a form of violence.

1137: Signing ceremony has commenced, political parties representatives are now putting pen to paper.

1121: Time for a musical interlude which will be followed by the peace pledge signing ceremony. 

1119: President Mnangagwa is being represented by Zanu PF Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu, while MDC Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa is being represented by Mr Morgan Komichi.

1116: Next is the UN Resident Coordinator Mr Bishow Parajuli. He commends the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission for organising the peace pledge ceremony. He says there is no development without peace.

1112: EU Head of Delegation Mr Philippe Van Damme is now on the podium. 

1107: A Switzerland representative commends Zimbabweans for saying no to violence.

1057: The chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Dr Elasto Mugwadi is now giving his solidarity remarks. Consoles families who lost loved ones following the explosion which occurred at a Zanu PF rally at White City stadium on Saturday.

1049: Justice Chigumba is eventually allowed to speak. Says the peace pledge signing ceremony must be a commitment to responsible leadership. “Let us lead and not mislead those who have put their faith on us,” says Justice Chigumba.

1039: ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba asked to give her remarks representative the electoral body. Before she could speak, a candidate interrupts the proceedings questioning why he is not on the list of speakers, says the whole process is out of order. Says they have serious disputes with ZEC which is being given an opportunity to speak at this event. Queries why his party is not part of the programme. Say he will continue to protest if the ZEC Chair, who he says ‘is out of order’, is allowed to speak.  The protester is eventually ejected from the event.

1037: Next is the women’s representative. Laments the fact that only a few women are participating in the 2018 elections.

1033: A youth representative of the youths now on the podium. Says young people should not be left out in the peace process.

1028: Mr Masimba Kuchera now on the podium representing people with disabilities. Hails political parties for coming together having realised that political violence is retrogressive.

1027: Representative of NANGO makes her brief remarks on the importance of peace

1023: Minister of Religion gives a prayer

1022: We give you live updates of the political parties peace pledge signing ceremony at the HICC in Harare.