Live Updates by Skilder Makona, Pictures by Wadzanai Mhombera

That brings to an end our live updates. Thank you for joining us.

18:31 – A local pastor gives a closing prayer to mark the end of the Zanu PF Women’s League National Assembly Meeting.

18:25 – The Women’s League presents a drawing of the President done by one Lydia to Cde Mnangagwa. 

18:20 – President mnangagwa chants the party slogan as he concludes his address.

18:16 – Cde Mnangagwa urges Zimbabweans to show the world that our democracy has come of age.

18:15 – He says the government has allowed the EU, the AU and the rest of the international community to come and observe the elections because there’s nothing to hide.

18:12 – “My vow to you all women of Zimbabwe is that everyone is equal, both men and women are equal,” ED.

18:11 – President Mnangagwa says there shall be no glass ceilings for women and the view that women are inferior is totally unacceptable.

18:09 – He says it is necessary to correct the lawlessness in the country by voting for Zanu PF councillors in the coming elections. “As you can see the urban areas which are controlled by MDC are littered with potholes and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development with the help of Zanu PF has chipped in to help with the resurfacing of roads countrywide,” ED.  

18:07 – “We are committed to fight against cancer, gender based violence and child abuse,” ED.

18:05 – The President says women have equal rights to own land and will be protected from those who want to dispossess them.

18:04 – He says his government is business oriented and wants the future generations to lead a better life. A preliminary report on land barons is out and soon we will expose them and the law will take its course.

18:00 – “My government remains resolute in ensuring that women empowerment projects are put in place. We want to ensure a per capita of income $3000 and achieve a middle class status by 2030. Let’s go out there and engage development oriented programmes in the communal areas. Politics must now take back seat and economics should come first,” ED. 

17:55 – Cde Mnangagwa says some ZAnu PF leaders have approached him with the view of amending the party constitution to introduce the same benchmark introduced by the AU of 50-50 representation in the party and all organs of leadership.

17:51 – He urges the Women’s League to develop a new mindset which is innovative and productive. 

17:50 – “The perception created by the former First Lady of hate speech before crowds should not repeat itself again,” ED.

17:49 – He challenges the Women’s League to spearhead developmental projects for the betterment of Zimbabwe.

17:48 – The President says the Women’s League is an essential party in the modernisation of the country.

17:45 – He reiterates that the elections will be held on the 30th of July as he proclaimed last week.

17:43 – President Mnangagwa says the new dispensation is committed to ensure that men and women are equal…. to make sure women and men have an equal playing field, while other parties have looked down upon women, we are advocating for gender equality. 

17:40 – “I want to thank the Women’s League. Kwese kwandinoenda ndichitenderera mazuvano ndinoona Women’s League inenge iri mberi ichinditambira;” ED.

17:39 – He says maelection ndiwo anochengetedza the revolution, ndiwo anochengetedza musangano, ndiwo anochengetedza nyika yatakarwira.

17:35 – President Mnangagwa is now addressing the gathering here at the Women’s League National Assembly Meeting.

17:33 – She now invites the guest of honour, Cde Mnangagwa to give his keynote address.

17:30 – “Takanyeba kuti VaMugabe vadzoke takanga tisisade taitya. Munhu ane 94 years kuti adzoke kwaiva kunyeba kuya. Nyika yakanga yavakutongwa naStop It ini ndakasarendeswa nyembe. Ndakasiya nyembe ini tanga tavekurarama mukutya,” Muchinguri-Kashiri.

17:29 – She says they were living in fear under the leadership of former President Robert Mugabe. 

The First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa greets the women.

17:16 – The Zanu PF National Chairperson now chronicles the history of President Mnangagwa since time immemorial.

17:13 – “Amai vedu munhu akazvininipisa tavakumbira kuti vagare kuno mberi asi varamba vakati vanoda kugara kune mamwe madzimai. Dai vari ana Stop It (Grace Mugabe) vari kuno vakagara asi ava amai vedu vatave navo munhu akadzikama anoda kushanda …munongoona nemabasa ecancer nezvimwe zvakasiyana siyana zvavari kuita munyika,” Muchinguri-Kashiri.

Zanu PF National Chairperson Cde Oppah Chamu Zvipange Muchinguri-Kashiri

17:11 – Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri heaps praises on the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa saying she is a humble and hardworking woman who dedicated her life for the betterment of ordinary Zimbabweans.

17:06 – Zanu PF National Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu now invites the National Chairperson Cde Oppah Chamu Zvipange Muchinguri-Kashiri to introduce the party’s President and First Secretary Cde Mnangagwa to give his keynote address.

17:05 – She reiterates the need for more women empowerment programmes as she concludes her speech by thanking Cde Mnangagwa for accepting their invite to this Women’s League National Assembly Meeting.

17:03 – Cde Chinomona says during her familiarisation tours of the country’s provinces, she met chiefs who asked for the resuscitation of the Zunde Ramambo. She says the chiefs pledged their support for President Mnangagwa in the coming plebiscite. 

16:59 – “We ask for command livestock, command fisheries to be spread also to women. We have a 50 hectares sugar cane plantation in Chiredzi… so we want ready markets so that we generate income for ourselves as women,” Chinomona. 

16:57 – She pledges to the President to put in place more women empowerment programmes so that women become self sufficient. 

16:53 – “This Women’s League Meeting is so important as it marks our election campaign mode. The theme for our election campaign is ‘Mudzimai Bereka Mwana Tiende’. Kuuya kwenyu muoffice baba kwakasunungura nyika yose,Chinomona.

16:51 – Cde Chinomona pledges support for President Mnangagwa saying she will work tirelessly to ensure he wins resoundingly in the forthcoming July polls.  

Cde Marble Chinomona

16:47 – She starts by acknowledging the presidium, senior party members and the gathering.

16:46 – Zanu PF Women’s League National Secretary Cde Marble Chinomona now giving her remarks at National Assembly Meeting.

16:42 – Senator Mutsvangwa calls for equal opportunities between men and women, emphasizing more on the need for women empowerment programmes. 

16:22 – Zanu PF Women’s League pledges their support to President Mnangagwa in the 30 July elections.

16:15 – Harare Province now making their presentation. Alleges Cde Phillip Chiyangwa who is said to own some land in Harare including Eyestone, is making Zanu PF members pay a lot of money. The province requests the President to engage local authorities to treat this matter with urgency.

16:11 – Bulawayo chairperson started, now it’s Manicaland.


Secretary for Administration Cde Monica Mutsvangwa reads resolutions of the meeting.

16:04 – Women’s League Secretary for Administration and Manicaland Province Minister of State Senator Monica Mutsvangwa is now leading the presentation of provincial reports. Provinces are presenting reports in brief – the status of the Women’s League in provinces and their concerns.

Resident Minister Cde Miriam Chikukwa (in red) among the gathering here at the Zanu PF Women’s League Meeting at the party Headquarters in Harare.

15:53 – Director of Ceremonies, Women’s League National Political Commissar Cde Apolonia Munzverengwi is calling out each province for introductions.

The First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa among the gathering here.

15:48 – Official proceedings begin here with the singing of the national anthem. 

15:45 – We now back from our short break and the President Cde Mnangagwa, Zanu PF Women’s League National Secretary Cde Marble Chinomona and other senior party members dance to the trademark song ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ by Jah Prayzah.

We take a short we will be right back please stay with us. 

15:17 – President Mnangagwa chants the party slogan ‘Pamberi neZanu PF, Pamberi nekubatana, Pamberi nerunyararo….. Pasi nemhandu’ as he concludes his speech.

15:15 – “There is no point in being violent come elections time. We have invited the EU and the international community to observe our elections,” ED.

15:14 – President Mnangagwa says he will look into the issue of our currency after the 30 July harmonised elections since we are mostly using the United States dollar. “For now we encourage the use of plastic money and we want to make sure there’s an increase in the point of sale machines countrywide. 

15:11 – The Zanu PF President and First Secretary says he will address the issue of transport tomorrow at the Central Committee to ensure that the Women’s League actively participate in the run up to the elections. 

15:06 – The President says the Women’s League is power and they (women) can’t be ignored. “Whoever ignores women ignores them at their own peril,” he says.

Scenes at the Women’s League National Assembly Meeting

15:05 – President Mnangagwa arrives at the Zanu PF Headquarters in Harare where he is set to address the party’s Women’s League National Assembly Meeting.