Live updates by: Tichaona Mezah and Wadzanai Mhombera

Photography by: Tichaona Mezah

1200: Dr Made ends address at the launch of the National Plant Health Awareness Programme. Programme comes to and end.

1117: Minister Made says agriculture growth depends on synergies in agriculture value chain

1116: He says the ministry will assist with acquisition of knap sack sprayers to combat pests as well as train farmers

1115: “Farmers and unions must assist smallholder farmers to battle pests,” says Dr Made

1114: “National food security and nutrition a key priority as turns to plant health awareness

1113: He says Command Agriculture and Presidential Inputs Support Programme has seen 2,5 million tonnes of cereals harvested

1111: Dr Made says his ministry is strengthening monitoring as international agriculture trade is influencing rise in new pests and diseases

1110: He says new and old crop pests a threat to food self-sufficiency and fall army worm posing a challenge

1109: “We have achieved food self-sufficiency at household level,” says Dr Made

1108:  Minister Made says more than 500 000 tonnes has been delivered to GMB


1102: Ministry of Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development launch of plant health awareness programme

The Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development is today launching the Plant Health Awareness Programme in the capital