This marks the end of official proceedings here In Kariba. Thank you for joining us!

13:11 – President Mnangagwa has concluded his remarks.

13:09 – He says this is the state of the art engineering and technology worldwide now resident here at the Nyaminyami adding that he has no doubt that the people of Zimbabwe or engineers and technicians will definitely look after this asset and maintain it for the good of the country. 

13:08 – Cde Mnangagwa says this will go a long way in the deduction of foreign importation of energy.

13:07 – “I am so happy that this has now been achieved. From the moment i cut that ribbon, i am informed that we now have 30 megawatts of power generation transmitted into our national grid,” he says. 

13:06 – President Mnangagwa says the Kariba South Hydro Power Expansion Project is a great wonder and it tells of what we can achieve as a government in collaboration with the domestic institutions as well as the importation and collaboration with Zimbabwe’s partners in order to access technology from friends for the country. 

The Kariba South Hydro Power Station Extension Project in pictures

13:05 – “The implementation of the designs and the projects, they have worked together harmoniously to achieve this fit we are looking at and commissioning today, i am pleased,” he says.  

13:04 – He says he is pleased as he talk to the ZESA engineers and their colleagues from China as they worked together through the designs and systems and the laboratory tests carried out together.

13:03 – “I am extremely and pleasantly surprised and grateful that from a mere concept in a room in Harare where government decided to have this Kariba South Hydro Power Expansion Project, today we are seeing the actualisation of that concept,” says the President. 

13:02 – He says this is a remarkable achievement for the great nation of Zimbabwe.

13:01 – Cde Mnangagwa starts by recognising his two Vice Presidents Rtd General Dr Constantino Chiwenga and Cde Kembo Mohadi as well as the Minister of Energy and Power Development among other top dignitaries. 

13:00 – President Mnangagwa takes to the podium.


  • The $533 million expansion project has added 2 more units, generator 7 and generator 8.
  • Each generator has a capacity to generate 150mw.
  • 300mw will be added to the national grid.
  • Unit 7 was commissioned towards the end of December.
  • Unit 8 will be commissioned today.
  • Kariba South Power Station has an installed capacity of 750mw
  • Zimbabwe had been experiencing power shortages with a deficit of up to 600 mw
  • ZESA has been spending between $7 million and $10 million weekly on energy imports.