1227: Vice President, Cde Kembo Mohadi is now giving a vote of thanks and encouraging the business community to take heed of President Mnangagwa’s call that Zimbabwe is open for investment. 

1220: Zimbabwean people are the country’s pillar to build a strong and sustainable future, says President Mnangagwa as he officially launches the National Investment Policy Statement.

1218: He says when he goes to Davos-Klosters, he is going to carry the message that “Zimbabwe is open for investment” and “is ready to enter into new relations”. 

1217: Cde Mnangagwa says his government has moved in to fight the corruption scourge and make sure that Zimbabwe is a clean country and moves in the right direction. 

1215: The Sunway City in Harare will be set aside as an industrial park, Bulawayo – industrial hub and Victoria Falls as the financial services sector.

1214: We are going to get into private public partnerships with both local and foreign investors to promote value addition, beneficiation and create jobs for our people.

1212: He reiterated that all investments will be safe and all the foreign investors will be able to repatriate their profits at the end of each financial year.

1210: Cde Mnangagwa says pulling together in the same direction is key to resuscitate the economy.

1209: The President is now giving his formal speech.

1207: “Parastatals reform is a process which cannot be done in 6 weeks. There is need for debate with the public sector, private sector and government and carefully consider which parastatals to keep, which ones to privatise and which ones to collapse,” he says.

1206: He says each ministry has set its targets and after the 100 days plan, the government is going to publish on what would have been achieved and not.

1205: President Mnangagwa is responding to issues raised by the business community, one by one. It shows he was listening to their presentations.

1202: The question of diasporans participation in the economy, The President said,” I went to South Africa where a huge turnout of Zimbabweans there was seen. Government is not ignoring them at all. That is why Zimbabwe Diasporans have been given the job of fixing or resuscitating the NRZ.

1200: On the issue of land, Cde Mnangagwa says the Land Commission was created to deal with land tenure issues or any other challenges in the sector.

“Let us Move away from the “them and us mentality” but work together for the development of the country. After all, we are all Zimbabweans and together we can,” he said.

1158: He says we as a people of Zimbabwe should not just offer criticism to government, but also offer solutions for the good of our nation…..for the good of us all.

1157: Cde Mnangagwa says we must ride on this goodwill.

1156: “We will keep our old friends, but we are seeking to make new ones. We are receiving positive signals for cooperation even from the UK,” says the President.

1152: He added that Zimbabwe is open to new international relations, even with those who have been hostile to us before.

1151: He says as a people we must collectively find solutions for the betterment of the country.

1148: Cde Mnangagwa says it doesn’t matter which nationality you come from but what matters are the policies in place to make business viable for all and or investment.

1146: Challenges are different in each of the sectors but the common denominator is that Zimbabwe is open for business,” says the President. 

1145: He says Zimbabwe is open for business. 

1141: President Mnangagwa is now on the podium and starts by acknowledging all delegates.

1139: He invites the President to give his keynote address.

1135: Rtd General Chiwenga has assured the captains of industry and business people gathered around here that doors are open for investment and there’s room for economic growth.

1133: He says President Mnangagwa is a man of his word as he is following what he said during his inauguration speech on the 24th of November last year at the giant National Sports Stadium, that he will deliver high quality of service through the re-engagement of the business community to create investment. 

1131: The Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga now takes to the podium.

1129: Different delegates are also getting opportunities to contribute to the discussions among them Munyaradzi Chidzonga.

1125: Some potential investors are also in attendance.

1123: Thereafter, President Mnangagwa will give a keynote address…..closing address.


There have been 3 discussion panels at the meeting.

Zimbabwe business club

*Panel one:*

Public sector reforms Featuring Mr Sifelani Jabangwe (CZI president I think just confirm), IDBZ CEO Mr Thomas Zondo Nkala and 2 other panelists.

*Panel two:*

Business reforms/economic reforms Herbert Nkala FBC board chairman and business man as well, then CEO of National Foods, and Natalie Jabangwe-CEO of Ecocash

*Panel Three:*

Re-engagement process, communicating with the world


0948: The President seeks to hear the views of business which will also help him shape his presentations in Davos, while also assisting his administration in delivering on business expectations in as far as economic revival is concerned.

0947: The meeting is also preparing President Mnangagwa for his trip to Davos-Klosters, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum scheduled for the 23rd to the 26th of this month.

0943: It’s now 56 days since of government’s 100 days of turnaround commenced.

0942: The meeting aims to here the expectations of business and President Mnangagwa will also brief business on the vision of the new dispensation.

0941: The summit is being held under the theme – “Your Gateway to Zimbabwe Investments”.

0940: President Emmerson Mnangagwa is meeting the Zimbabwe Business Club, a private organisation encompassing business people and captains of industry in the capital. They seek to promote decent work and economic growth.