jeff botswana.jpgLive performances have become most music fans favorites as they give them the opportunity to mix and mingle with musicians and giving a platform for musicians to market their works.


The atmosphere that is created in a live performance is most memorable for many fans who take time out to see the musician live on stage.

Even when one cannot dance there are some notable exciting scenes that surely one always remembers, an example drawn from the recently held independence gala.

Those who have the dancing skills also have the opportunity to show off especially when they are invited on stage.


Live performances do not only provide  entertainment for fans but  helps upcoming artists to market their work if they prove to have nurtured the art of live performance such as done by Stunner, Tryson Chimbetu, and Midlands State University’s African Destiny music group during the Uhuru gala.

When one goes for a live performances there are only two options: either you dance, or you become the observer who in most cases can tell a detailed story of what has happened during the show.