1100: Zanu-PF Women’s League Secretary, First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe is set to address thousands of party supporters at St John’s Primary School, near Gaza in Buhera North to kick start the League’s 2018 harmonised elections campaign programme.

1110: Amai Mugabe has arrived at St John’s Primary School and is welcomed by senior party officials from Manicaland Province.

1111: National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, Dr Joseph Made, Dr Samuel Undenge, Cde Kudzi Chipanga and Dr Chris Mushohwe are some of the senior party officials present here.

1116: The First Lady is now in a briefing with the party’s leadership from Manicaland and thereafter she will address thousands of Zanu PF supporters coming to the rally.

1138: Zanu-PF believes ‘unity of purpose’ and hard work is critical in winning the hearts of many before the 2018 harmonised elections.

1203: The briefing is over here and Amai Mugabe is moving around greeting party supporters.

1207: Zanu PF Women’s League members break into song, ‘Amai Vauya Mai Mwana’ before Makumbe High School leads the singing of the National Anthem.

1208: School kids hold a banner whose message is unity, unity and more unity.

1210: It is time for introductions here and leading the pack is Zanu-PF Manicaland Youth League Chairperson, Mbuso Chinguno, followed by the Women’s League representative.

1218: Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial chairman Dr Undenge takes is now on the podium.

1228: Senior Party officials who include Cdes Chipanga, Dr Mushohwe, Dr Made, Cde Zhuwao, Cde Chimene, Cde Muchinguri and Cde Madzongwe take turns to greet party supporters and chant the slogan on the podium.

1230: National Political Commissar Cde Kasukuwere says Cde Muchinguri is the minister in charge of rains and has helped in stopping cyclone Dineo which has hit the country in Matabeleland.

1234: The party supporters are braving the light intermittent showers which are threatening to disrupt the rally. They have stayed put.

1235: Dr Undenge is now updating the rally of progress and developments in the province.

1237: He promises Amai to retain all the seats here in Manicaland adding that they have resolved to stand by the party’s candidate President Robert Mugabe during the 2018 harmonised elections.

1244: Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Cde Mandiitawepi Chimene takes to the podium.

1245: Cde Chimene gives brief updates on developments in Manicaland Province.

1248: She says Manicaland should be the most developed since it is a rich province.

1249: “We have lots of diamonds and gold is like sand here. Where is all this going?,” says Cde Chimene.

1251: She urged the people of Manicaland to research on crops suitable for their area as the staple crop maize is not suitable for the area.

1254: Cde Chimene thanks the First Lady Dr Mugabe for rice she donated to party supporters during the festive season but castigates some legislators saying they are not being ‘user friendly’.

1255: She has also lamented corrupt individuals saying these are affecting smooth operations of the party and derailing the development of the country both politically and economically.

1256: Minister Chimene says she will give a comprehensive report of what happened with regards to food distribution Dr Mugabe donated to the people of Manicaland during the festive season.

1304: The Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Chimene introduces an orphaned girl child who passed her ordinary level with 9As saying the young girl has failed to proceed to A level due to financial constraints and Dr Mugabe pledges to support the child throughout her educational career.

1308: Cde Kasukuwere takes to the podium to introduce Dr Mugabe to address the people.

1310: Cde Kasukuwere is now on the podium and thanks Amai for being there for the people. He says Dr Mugabe has promised to take that girl child which was introduced to her by Minister Chimene to Christe Mambo to further her education.

1314: Cde Kasukuwere says there are no favours come 2018 hence the need for MPs to work hard for the people they represent in their respective constituencies.

1321: The National Political Commissar invites Amai to the podium and Zanu PF supporters break into song and dance as they welcome Amai to address them.

1323: Amai is now addressing the multitudes of Zanu PF supporters at the rally.

1325: Amai Mugabe paid tribute to the living and fallen heroes for sacrificing their lives for the liberation of the country.

1327: She warned Zimbabweans against those countries which are imploring people to despise the history of the country.

1330: Dr Mugabe has encouraged to stay united.

1334: “Musanyeperwe (Don’t be fooled), as women we are united. Of course we have devisive elements among us but we have resolved our differences to approach and deal with rumour mongers,” says Dr Mugabe.

1337: Dr Mugabe castigates Dr Joice Mujuru for leading the Zanu PF party members astray.

1342: “Let me tell you ladies, if anyone calls you queen bee, please be angry.”

“Queen bee is that bee insect which mates with almost every male in the beehive,” says Dr Mugabe.

1344: Amai Mugabe says people thought she was being mean with the truth when she said Mai Mujuru was incompetent.

1345: “Now you see for yourself. She was fired for incompetence she did not resign from the party as she claims. Some of us saw the letter, she was fired

1349: She has urged party members to wait for the right time when a successor will be chosen.

1352: “Leaders are chosen by God. Please do not use covert means to be leaders,” she said, adding that President Mugabe is a revered leader across the globe and Zimbabweans are lucky to have him.

1357: Amai Mugabe says Zanu PF is a brand that is well known world over.

1358: “We are the ruling party and we call the shots,” says Amai while breaking into song, ‘Regai Vatonge Baba’.

1406: The First Lady has called for an end to factionalism within the Zanu PF saying this hinders progress and development of not only the party but Zimbabwe as whole.

1407: “Those who are promoting factionalism must stop it,” she says.

1412: Dr Mugabe says it does not make any sense that some people who have been in government with President Mugabe since 1980 are saying he has over-stayed in power yet they were together since then (1980).

1420: She says ministers are presidential appointees and should desist from engaging in corrupt activities for self-enrichment at the expense of the general public.

1421: The First Lady says with the current rains being experienced, the country is guaranteed of a bumper harvest.

1422: “Having good rains and the Command Agriculture Programme, combined together, the country will have better yields this season especially coming form the Elnino induced drought which hit Zimbabwe last year.

1425: “We thank God for the wonderful rains for they have brought a sigh of relief,” say Amai Mugabe.

1429: Amai says she has great respect for teachers and wishes they could be better remunerated.

“We all passed through the hands of teachers, even President Mugabe educated as he is, he acknowledges how the teaching profession moulded him to be who he is today,” says Dr Mugabe.

1430: “Despite the President doing Law and Economics among others, he always says teaching is the profession which moulded him,” added Amai.

1441: The First Lady says it is important to work towards accelerated implementation of ZIM ASSET saying there is need to reconstruct the roads.

1442: Amai Mugabe says she came by road and acknowledges that the state of the country’s roads is bad.

“There is need for us to work on those roads and make sure we fulfill the Infrastructure Development cluster,” says The First Lady.

1443: Turning to bond notes, Dr Mugabe castigates opposition elements like Dr Joice Mujuru who was begging people to reject them.

Mai Mujuru who had approached the courts seeking to stop the use of bond notes had her application thrown out.

1445: The First Lady says bond notes are meant to address the cash crisis in the country as well as plugging cash leakages because there are people who have been importing goods, selling them to locals and taking the money away.

1447: Amai has also implored Zimbabweans to embrace plastic money saying it is safe compared to moving around with hard cash.

1454: The First Lady says as a mother, whenever she visits, it is difficult to come empty handed.

“I have a sound working relationship with most ministers here and when they heard I was coming here, they donated various assortments.

“ICT, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira donated 1 000 t-shirts and laptops and Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister Nyasha Chikwinya also donated some bales.

1458: Amai has donated thousands of tonnes of rice and maize, thousands of pairs of shoes, bathing tablets and washing soap.

1504: The First Lady has encouraged people to practise communal spirit in sharing the gifts.

“Let us give the elderly first, and also remember the orphans and vulnerable in our society,” added Amai.

1511: Dr Mugabe thanked the Manicaland Provincial leadership for mobilising an estimated population of about 10 000 people for the rally.

1512: The First Lady concludes by saying President Robert Mugabe has asked her to tell the people of Buhera that he will always stand by them through thivk and thin.

1517: – Chief Chimombe thanks Dr Mugabe for choosing his area, Buhera for her first rally of 2017 adding that as young as he is, he feels honoured to host the First Lady.

1519: He says at a local school, there is a newly constructed girls dormitory which has been named Grace Mugabe and requests Amai Mugabe to officially open it.

“The dormitory can not be officially opened by anyone else.May you spare 10 minutes of your time Amai and officially open the dormitory for us?”

1521: The First Lady Dr Amai Mugabe has gladly agreed to officially open the dormitory.

1528: Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri is giving vote of thanks here at St John’s Primary School.

1535: “As you go back Amai, may you please be assured and assure the President that Manicaland belongs to him.”

1537: “Thank you very much Amai, amazing Grace,” says Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri.

1548: Meanwhile, Amai is being led to the new dormitory which she is set to commission as per Chief Chimombe’s request.

1558: Mai Mugabe now at Hande Secondary School where she has to officially open the Grace Mugabe girls dormitory.

1609: She has encouraged young people to work hard and become entrepreneurs.

1610: Dr Amai has urged all female students at Hande Secondary School to take good care of the hostel for the benefit of future generations.

” From Grace Mugabe girls dormitory, i expect Doctors and Ministers to emerge.”

1614 : People always think that men are better than women intellectually, but i want to tell you that if we as women work hard, we can do it and make this world a better place. I believe we can,” added Dr Amai.

1615: The First Lady has encouraged students here at Hande Secondary School to respect teachers.

“Once you do that, be rest assured the future is bright for you. You will make it in life.”

1630: Dr Amai has officially opened Dr Grace Mugabe girls dormitory at Hande Secondary School.

That brings to an end the ZBC live updates and proceedings here.