Official proceedings end here with the singing of the National Anthem. That concludes our live updates and thank you for joining us.

1213: The body of national hero Brigadier General Munemo is now being carried to its final resting place.

1206: President Mnangagwa has concluded his address.

1205: He says the USA has renewed sanctions against the country even-though they continue to violate the basic human rights of the people of Zimbabwe. The President says Zimbabwe is a train on the move and those who want to board should do so and those that don’t want will be left behind.

1204: President Mnangagwa says as we sing the the national anthem may it be a recognition of the sacrifices made by cadres like Cde Munemo.

1203: “We fought for independence and we believe in peace. Today let us not be deterred to continue with what we fought for… our engagement and re-engagement efforts should continue in enerst. My doors remain open for dialogue for all people for whatever reason,” ED.

1202: The President says the late gallant son of the soil was one of the cadres who were instrumental in the establishment of the Chitepo School of Ideology.

1201: “I challenge researchers to research on issues that will enhance our country’s capabilities in economics, tourism, politics and industrialisation,” ED.

1156: The President challenges educators in the country to draw lessons from Cde Munemo and to inculcate a new mindset in our learners, a mindset that is patriotic.

1154: President Mnangagwa says the late national hero’s teaching experience was of great importance to the party and the country as a whole. He says Brigadier General Munemo was attested into the national army as a Lieutenant Colonel after independence.

Brig-Gen Emilio Munemo’s body at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

1149: “In as much as it is hard to console the Munemo family, let us all take pride in the great deeds that the late gallant son accomplished in the service of his people and the country as they will outlive and inspire generations to come,” ED.

1147: President Mnangagwa says the nation is poorer without Cde Munemo and it is that rich record why he is being buried at the National Heroes Acre together with other revolutionaries that went before him.

1146: He says Cde Munemo was a mobiliser and reservoir of knowledge on the ethos, history, norms and values of the liberation struggle. The President says the late national hero served the country with loyalty and distinction as he expresses his heartfelt condolences to the Munemo family for the loss of their dear loved one.

1142: President Mnangagwa takes to the podium and starts with salutations.

1141: Ambassador Mathema invites the President to address the gathering here.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives at the National Shrine

1134: He says the late national hero was critical to the creation of the Civil-Military Division in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

1132: He says the late national hero loved his music and was a man of fashion. He says Cde Munemo was a unifier and always challenged family members to understand the history of the country. 

1130: Master of Ceremony who is also the Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Ambassador Cain Mathema invites a family representative to address mourners.

1110: The National Anthem is being sung here to mark the official proceedings of the burial of Brigadier General Munemo.

Earlier on Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga arriving at the National Heroes Acre

1105: President Mnangagwa arrives at the National Heroes Acre.

Scenes at the National Shrine

1056: The body of the late national hero has arrived at the National Heroes Acre and is now being taken to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ahead of its burial.

1040: Meanwhile, scores of people have already gathered at the National Shrine awaiting the arrival of the body of Brigadier General Munemo.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives at Stodart Hall

1010: President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives and will lead the body viewing procession.

0946: Vice President Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga has arrived.

0943: Service chiefs have also arrived.

0917: After the body viewing procession led by the President, the casket of the late national hero will be ferried to the National Shrine for burial.

0913: Hearse carrying the casket of the national hero arrives at Stodart Hall in Mbare ahead of the body viewing ceremony.

0911: This Saturday the sacred hall puts Mbare suburb on the map as scores of people have converged here for the body viewing procession of the late national hero.

0909: All is now set for the burial of the late national hero Brigadier General Emilio Munemo at the National Heroes Acre in Harare today.