Analysts say the decision by the government to give the green light for the live broadcasting of the Constitutional Court ruling on the presidential election result should send a clear message to the international community that Zimbabwe’s democratic space is now open and should put to rest speculation which has been rife on the social media.

The national broadcaster, ZBC was on Saturday granted the rights to broadcast and distribute the live signal of the ConCourt ruling and the move has been described as the best approach by the new dispensation to set the record straight on how Zimbabwe democratic space has opened.

“This will go a long way in opening the democratic space, the live broadcast by the ZBC and other international channels will enable everyone to see for themselves and put to rest the social media speculation,” a political analyst, Bvumai Govere said.

“The beaming live of the court proceedings will enable the whole world to see the delivery of justice in a transparent manner. It shows the extent at which the new dispensation can go as far as openness to democracy is concerned,” noted Mr James Makiya, a legal practioner.

Other analysts said Zimbabwe has been isolated over the years and the live broadcast of this historical presidential election results challenge will not only open democratic space but also bring confidence in all including investors keen on doing business with new government of the day.

“For years, Zimbabwe has been living like a pariah state, isolated from the Commonwealth and other critical world organs. As you know an election is a game of credibility and transparency so this will development once it’s done, will no doubt attract direct foreign investments in the country,” explained another legal guru, Advocate Theophelus Gambe.

The ConCourt will on Wednesday rule on the election result challenge by MDC Alliance’s Nelson Chamisa against Zanu PF and President elect, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory on 30 July.