1526: President Mnangagwa chants the party slogan as he concludes his speech.

1520: He exhorts the party to unite and continue working hard for the growth of the economy.

1510: The President says government has enough fuel and financial capacity to meet fuel needs.

1506: He says the introduction of biometric registration of civil servants will address the issue of ghost workers in government.

1505: He says the government has effected forex duty on motor vehicle imports during the budget presentation statement this week.

1504: President Mnangagwa says he is disturbed by the rate of road traffic accidents on the country’s highways. Drivers please be careful and avoid negligence to reduce loss of lives. Passengers you should also take a stand against reckless driving, ask the driver to reduce speed and abide by the road rules and regulations.

1503: The President says they engaged producers at State House to deal with the issue of price hikes.

1501: “Prices are going up left, right and centre. However, producers we engaged said they were reducing their prices. Those retailers who will persist, we will deal with that by withdrawing operating licences,” he says.

1500: The President has implored farmers to produce enough soyabeans and other oil producing crops to reduce pressures of forex demand by cooking oil producers.

1458: He says they (President and Vice President Chiwenga) knew that the country had oil but as disciplined people they remained quiet. “Taizviziva ini naVaChiwenga kuti munyika muno tine oil asi takaramba zvedu tinyerere takazongoona imwe company youya kwatiri yekuAustralia tisina kuidana. Saka vasingadi kutenga oil yedu musatenga isu tichaishandisa tichingifamba tichingofamba tichingofamba.

1454: Turning to mining President Mnangagwa says a new diamond policy is ready and will be presented to Cabinet next week before it is announced to the nation.

1447:  The President reiterates that Zimbabwe is now open for business, engagement and re-engagement.

1448: He says the cost and ease of doing business must be addressed adding he has a list of 11 projects that need to be launched in the coming days.

1450: President Mnangagwa says he met with a representative from General Electric and China Power with regards to the Batoka Gorge project.

1452: “We need to play our part as Zimbabwe while at the same time welcoming those who are coming from outside,” he says.

1447: He says the country is now producing more grain and tobacco moving away from the dependency syndrome, adding Zimbabwe shall survive with its own resources.

1446: President Mnangagwa says his administration is coming up with interventions to dodge the effects of sanctions.

1442: The opposition refused to recognise the President during the budget presentation this week and according to our laws they must be ejected form parly. So, I will continue going to Parliament and if they do not comply they will continue to be ejected,” he says.

1440: He says the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was mature and not this Chamisa led MDC Alliance party.

1438: He says Zanu PF has more than two-thirds in Parliament and can change laws.

1437: “We preached peace in the run up to the election and I would like to thank the people of Zimbabwe for showing that we can have a peaceful election,” says the President.

1436: There was violence in Harare on August 1 where several vehicles belonging to Zanu-PF and other property were destroyed.

1433: The President says the opposition should cherish national peace. He says the MDC Alliance should not take the new found political freedom as weakness on the part of government.

1430: He says those being supported under Command Agriculture should go through a vetting process to assess whether they complied with contractual provisions adding that the Presidential Well-wishers Inputs Scheme is open to everyone whether Zanu-PF or not.

1429: President Mnangagwa says the rains are upon us and people are busy preparing their land for planting hence we have since availed inputs to ensure we continue achieving food sufficiency.

1428: The President says the country has enough grain sufficient to feed the whole nation. “Government has over 1 000 metric tonnes of maize saka hakuna unofa nenzara kusvika mwaka unotevera”.

“Musangano ndiwo mukuru hapana mukuru kumusangano. Tose takamira kuno nevakuru hapana ane musangano muhomwe make. Kana imi ikoko hakuna une musangano weZanu PF muhomwe make,” says the President.

1420: He says this day coincides with the birth of the Second Republic.

1417: President Mnangagwa says Mr Robert Mugabe is the founding father of a free Zimbabwe, “Kana kune vamwe vane dzimwe ndangariro ngavadziite nemadzimai avo kudzimba dzavo. Ngavazive kuti Gushungo ndivo founding father venyika ino. VaMugabe ndivo vakatitungamira nzira muhondo kusvika nyika yawana kuzvitonga kuzere…”

1411: President rises to give his speech and starts by chanting the party slogan… “Pamberi neZanu PF, pamberi nekubatana, pamberi nekuvaka nyika, pamberi nekutonga, viva Zanu PF… pasi nemhanduuuuuu”

1407: He says Zimbabwe is blessed with rich mineral resources hence the citizens of the country should safeguard those valuables to ensure they benefit the nation at large.

1403: Cde Chiwenga warns the gathering of prophets of doom saying the number of prophets which have risen significantly has become questionable and there’s need for Zimbabweans to responsible and not be misguided by these men of cloth and or false prophets.

1359: He says Cde Mnangagwa is tried and tested revolutionary and is also a listening, action-oriented and transformative President.

1356: Cde Chiwenga says it is now time to walk the talk, not just about politics but building Zimbabwe, ‘it’s now economics first then politics behind”.

1349: The Vice President gives a short background of the President. He says President Mnangagwa has walked a long journey in liberating Zimbabwe since time immemorial.

1344: Cde Chiwenga is now on the podium and starts by chanting the party slogan … “Pamberi neZanu PF, pamberi nekubatana, pamberi nekuvaka Zimbabwe zvakanaka…”

1335: She gives a brief background of the Zanu PF party and the current leadership before inviting Vice President Chiwenga.

1333: Cde Muchinguri is now on the podium and starts by chanting the party slogan …”Pamberi neZanu PF, pamberi nekubatana, pamberi na ED…”

1319: Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Cde Mary Mliswa is now on the podium to welcome the party leadership.

1304: Cde Oppah Muchinguri who is the party’s National Chairman, Cde Chris Mushohwe and Zanu PF provincial chairman Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi are also here present.

1302: Zanu PF Deputy National Political Commissar Cde Omega Hungwe who is the director of ceremonies has invited the Police Band to sing the National Anthem to mark provincial proceedings here.

1300: Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is also on the podium dancing to the iconic song.

1257: President Mnangagwa has arrived here much to the delight of the crowds which have gathered here at Murombedzi Growth Point. The President is now dancing to the iconic song “Kutongwa Kwaro” by Jah Prayzah.

Cde Mnangagwa led the ruling party to a resounding victory in the July 30 harmonised polls.

1210: Thousands of Zanu PF supporters have thronged Murombedzi Growth Point for the party’s first “Thank You Rally” where Zanu PF President and First secretary Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to address the gathering later on.

1204: Mashonaland West delivered 18 out of 22 seats in the National Assembly in the just ended elections and also gave President Mnangagwa 312 958 votes against MDC Alliance’s Mr Nelson Chamisa’s 217 732 in the Presidential poll.