14:32 – “As pioneers and participants of the struggle for freedom, the people of Mhondoro should continue to jealously guard the land that was fought for,” ED.

13:53 – President Mnangagwa is about to address the rally but he first requests to meet and greet the party’s candidates for Monday’s harmonised elections. 

13:40 – Mutsvangwa adds that President Mnangagwa is another hero in the Second Chimurenga with so many acts of bravery that he executed in the struggle and leadership after independence where he served in various ministries.

13:37 – Mutsvangwa, a Zanu PF Politburo member, says Mhondoro is the home of Mashayamombe, the hero of the First Chimurenga,whose skull is still in the London Museum, together with those of other heroes of the First Chimurenga.

13:34 –  In his remarks, Ziyambi pays tribute to the President for road repairs and opening Zimbabwe for business through various projects that have been reopened and launched to create wealth and jobs for the country.

13:29 – President Mnangagwa’s arrival is greeted with enthusiasm, with the theme song, Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro, sounding.

13:26 – With Cde Mnangagwa is the Senate President Edna Madzongwe, ministers Prisca Mupfumira, Winston Chitando, Christopher Mutsvangwa and Ziyambi Ziyambi, who is also Zanu PF Mashonaland West Provincial Chairperson.

13:21 – The President is now at Mubaira Growth Point, a few kilometres from Karo Resources. While the establishment of growth points after independence was meant to form the nucleus of economic expansion in rural settings, they have since become white elephants with not much economic growth going on.

13:13 – Zanu PF supporters are already at the venue and awaiting the arrival of the President.

12:31 – Proceedings at Karo Resources have ended and President Mnangagwa is scheduled to address a rally in Mhondoro Mubaira in the same province.

12:11 – ED: “Projects of this nature should benefit the communities around them and I am happy that this investment has already seen the drilling of boreholes in communities.”

12:05 –  Cde Mnangagwa says the mining sector is key for the Zimbabwean economy, being the main contributor to the GDP.

12:03 – He says this project should have had been completed long back, adding that his administration has cut short the bureaucracy that was stopping it from taking off. 

11:58 – He says it took time to wrestle some of the claims from those who owned them before. “Resources belong to the people of Zimbabwe. No mortal should stand in the way of beneficiation of the resources to benefit its rightful owners.”

11:57 – He says this investment falls in the Great Dyke, which is endowed with various minerals including platinum which have not been fully exploited due to colonialism. “Much of it [Great Dyke] was in the hands of Anglo American handlers.

11:55 – President Mnangagwa takes to the podium, and says this project comes after he has commissioned other major projects for the country such as the Hwange Extension power project, and the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport upgrade.

11:53 – The Minister Mines and Mining Development, Winston Chitando says the mining industry will no longer be the same again as Zimbabwe will produce 14,4 million ounces of platinum by 2023.

11:46 – According to Mr Pouralis, the complex they will build will have a mine smelter, a refinery and a 300-megawatt solar power station.

11:42 – Karo Resources Chairperson, Mr Loucas Pouralis expresses excitement about the future of Zimbabwe, and adds that they will create 15 000 direct and 75 000 indirect jobs and leave a permanent mark in Zimbabwe.

11:33 – The President arrives and went into a closed door briefing before being taken on tour.

11:30 – Proceedings are underway at the groundbreaking ceremony of Karo Resources’ Mhondoro-Ngezi mining site, where President Emmerson Mnangagwa is in attendance.