1710: As we prepare for elections please vote for the people you want, please no imposition, you all have the right to chose your own leaders-President Mnangagwa”> 


13:54 – “We will continue to show respect for our traditional leaders. I also urge traditional leaders to treat people very well because you cannot be chiefs without people,” ED.
13:44 – “Zanu PF will continue consolidating its power because it is only facing opposition from divided parties,” ED.
13:34 –  “I will be announcing the date for elections very soon, so I implore you to register and vote because you cannot be participate in the economic turnaround of the country if you have not registered,” ED.
13:33 – “We must not be dictatorial and say no to imposition of candidates. Let the people choose the leaders they want,” ED.
13:25 – “Different opinions should not be poisonous among ourselves and the best ideas must take the lead that day,” ED.
13:15 – “Put behind you hate speech and love one another. This is the spirit we want as the new Zimbabwe. It is only us who can make this country a heaven,” ED.

13:07 – “As long as we remain united and peaceful we shall be a strong middle class income nation by 2030. We must not look and must work to make sure the future generations live a comfortable life,” ED.
12:59 – “We have opened ourselves to the international community. We shall to continue to deepen our relations with the international community and establish new ones with the western countries,” ED.

12:52 – “Our train infrastructure has not been adequate to carry cargo for export. Despite the arrival of new wagons, the cargo is still piling up and we need to further equip NRZ,” ED.
12:50 – “Command agriculture will continue and although it was being sabotaged by G40, it was resounding success,” ED
12:39 –  “We need to grow our economy and have policies that create jobs for the younger generations. We need to have a policy that will boost food security,” ED.

12:36 – “People should be free to vote for whoever they want and we know that people will vote for Zanu PF because it took them out of the colonial bondage,” ED.

12:33 –  Cde Mnangagwa addresses, pledges commitment to free, fair, peaceful, non violent and credible elections in July
12:25 – Dr Mpofu describes Cde Mnangagwa as a humble man committed to the development of the country.
12:23 – Secretary for Admin Dr Obert Mpofu introduces National Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.
12:19 – Provincial Chairman Cde Richard Moyo welcomes the President to the Province and promises overwhelming support during the next harmonised elections.
12:15 – Secretary for Admin Dr Obert Mpofu introduces National Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.
12:13 –  Zanu PF National Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, Politburo members, Government Ministers, Parliamentarians and Traditional Leaders also in attendance.
12:06 – President Mnangagwa arrives at Nabushome Primary school

12:01 – President Emmerson Mnangagwa is at the Gwayi Shangani Dam in Hwange as part of his programme to assess incomplete infrastructure projects.

The President is being accompanied by his deputy, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, the Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda and senior government and Zanu PF officials. After his assessment of the project, Cde Mnangagwa is expected to address party supporters at a rally before proceeding to Bubi for a similar programme.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF supporters from Binga, Hwange and Lupane have arrived at Nabushome Primary School where Cde Mnangagwa will address them.