libya bombings.jpgThe pounding of Libya continues with no end in sight.

The familiarity of the invasion forces has raised long held convictions that the invasion of Libya is a replay of the Afghanistan and Iraq scenario, where western intervention has caused more suffering and loss of innocent lives.

African and Arab countries are crying foul but in vain that they were duped by the west using the “No-fly zone” pretext to invade the North African country.

With the Libyan invasion reportedly having claimed hundreds of civilian lives, there has been a unanimous agreement that events in Libya have become another western military adventure.

UN Security Council Security Resolution 1973 gave way to the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya by the west.

But after discovering that the west is using the resolution to suit its own illegal regime change agenda in Libya, Africans and Arabs will certainly have a lot to learn, not that the lesson is new.

The invasion forces comprise such countries as the US, Britain, France, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Qatar.

Though the invading forces claim that they are enforcing a no fly zone on Libya, the weapons they have brought such as B-2 stealth bombers, strike aircraft, destroyers, Tomahawk cruise missiles, submarines, refueling and surveillance aircraft, refueling and surveillance aircraft, and tornado aircraft are sophisticated.
libya map.jpg
The big question now is: Is all this military equipment meant merely to enforce a no-fly zone and defend civilians as claimed by the west?

There certainly will be bigger lessons for Africa and the Arab world and all other nations to learn from the west’s deceit.

Being used to rubber stamp, the Libyan invasion through UN statutes will be a wakeup call that the third world especially African leaders, some of whom still look for salvation from the west.

Whatever outcome there will be, lessons picked up from the deceptive machinations of the west that resulted in the Libyan invasion are something the world cannot afford to forget.