cde olivia muchena 13-09-10.jpgFemale war veterans embarking in business have been urged to be organised and to change their mindset if they want to be successful and measure up to their male counterparts.


Addressing participants at the Economic Empowerment of Zimbabwe National Liberation Women War Veterans Workshop, the Minister of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, Dr Olivia Muchena, urged female war veterans to be goal getters and go into business with a liberated mindset.


She reminded the former freedom fighters that after fighting the war of liberation now is the time for them to liberate their minds.


“We liberated the country, now we need to liberate our minds so we can go into business,” said Dr Muchena.


The workshop discussed the crafting of policies for women’s empowerment through the Women Investment Fund meant to assist with providing capital for former female freedom fighters going into business.


Dr Muchena said her ministry is working to open up business opportunities for women.


She encouraged them to buy shares in the Women Investment Fund to access capital.


“Women must buy shares, you must understand the money language,” Dr Muchena added.


The government has a vibrant empowerment policy which acknowledges the economic inequality between men and women and seeks to promote women’s access, control and ownership of resources.


There is also a small and medium enterprises policy that stipulates that 30% of loans should be set aside for women.