For those in the city, building a homestead in the hill suburbs is a show of financial influence but in the land of the mountains, Manicaland, houses are built on whatever space available.

Manicaland is known as ‘Kumakomoyoo’ meaning the land of the mountains.

The mountains have presented a picturesque scenery for nature lovers and among the captivating sights are houses perched on mountain tops in areas such as Honde Valley, Chimanimani, Hauna or Nyanga.

For many mountain climbing is taken as a hobby and that adventure is not only fitness demanding but one where interaction with the wildlife especially baboons is often guaranteed.

This is not so however for the Easterners of Manicaland who claim building houses on mountain tops is neither a show of financial status but a natural requirement.

To a passer-by, questions like, so where do they fetch their water? how does a visiting car access them? what happens when someone falls sick? or how do their children manage to climb the mountains everyday going to and from school?

Fun enough the mountain people say they love it in the mountains and have never given a thought at being resettled.

For the city dweller, turned lazy by using conveyor belts the thought of staying in these areas can trigger depression and for fitness fanatics these mountains provide suitable training grounds but for the owners of the homes, it is home sweet home.