Local chefs say there is need to aggressively market Zimbabwean foods to promote culinary tourism.

Defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences, culinary tourism has been used by many countries as a unique selling point in attracting foreign arrivals.

The chefs, who took part at the national chefs competitions held in the capital Harare, said while Zimbabwean foods are highly nutritious, more needs to be done to ensure that they gain global prominence.

President of Zimbabwe Chefs’ Association, master chef Chris Gonzo said they have set their sights on the Nelson Mandela Challenge cup to be held in South Africa in August this year.

Globally, people are resorting to organic foods that are locally available in the country because of their immense health benefits.

Organic foods are free of artificial food additives, and are often processed with fewer artificial methods, materials and conditions, such as chemical ripening and genetically modified ingredients.