president 88-2.pngThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has urged the nation to remain united and committed to protecting national heritage, sovereignty and the vast resources of the country.

In his address at the 21st February Movement celebrations at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare, President Mugabe urged the nation to remember that it was through unity and sacrifice that the nation won the war of liberation.

“Can we be united to fight for our sovereignty and be wary of those who want to recolonise us?” urged the President.

He said: “In 1980, we won independence due to unity and so we should continue to be united.”

The President said the nation will continue to fight those bent on destroying the gains of the nation.

“Forward ever, backward never,” said the President.


President Mugabe urged the people of Manicaland Province to rally behind the revolutionary Zanu PF party to regain seats lost to the MDC in the 2008 elections.

The President said Manicaland had the greatest number of seats lost to the opposition and this was due to divisions within the party.


“In 2008, 20 out of 26 seats were lost to the MDC and that was a shock to us, we did not understand what had gone wrong. But after an analysis, it was clear, there were divisions here and the leadership was not forthcoming. So the people resented what was happening, the imposition of candidates that was taking place and so on. All these things have been discussed in Manicaland and I am glad to hear that the people have come back. They realised that they did wrong in 2008 and are correcting themselves and we hope that all the 20 seats we lost here will be regained,” said the President.

He also castigated some MDC councillors who are lining their pockets with tax-payers’ money, saying they should be more concerned with the communities that voted for them.

He also urged Zimbabweans to set up projects to empower themselves and support their families and sustain the economy at large.

The President said: “This years’ 21st February Movement celebrations are being held when the African Union and United Nations are calling for ways to address the unemployment challenges and finding ways of empowering the youths.”

“We are working tirelessly to empower them so that they become employers and they start their own businesses. It’s not just the creation of employment but to motivate them to be employers themselves,” he said.

The President thanked the nation for the support throughout the years, and for the honour, gifts and birthday messages that he received as he celebrates his 88th birthday.