eric matinenga 05.08.10.jpgParliamentarians could soon start receiving their sitting allowances after government approved a US75 dollar sitting allowance, ending a standoff between the executive and the legislator since the formation of the inclusive government in 2009.

The parliamentarians had gone for more than two years without the benefit.

The Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs, Advocate Eric Matinenga, said parliament administrative staff is busy working out the paper work on the amount owed per legislator for the payment to be processed soon.

Mr Matinenga dismissed some suggestions by parliamentarians that the allowances be converted to pay their vehicle loans in a development that could see parliamentarians paying for the dues they owe government.

Previously, parliamentarians had refused to pay the vehicle debts arguing that the sitting allowances be converted to paying such loans.

However the suggestion has been dismissed by government on the grounds that the sitting allowances varies per individual according to the number of sittings a parliamentarian would have attended sessions.