parliament.jpgLegislators have raised complaints that the Executive and the Judiciary are getting preferential treatment ahead of them.

During a ministers’ question time, House of Assembly members from across the political divide cornered Deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, who is in charge of economic issues in the inclusive government.

They queried the will of the Executive in cutting the fiscus’ expenditure when it pertains to the Legislature yet pamper themselves with hefty salaries, allowances, luxury vehicles and government accommodation.

The parliamentarians also raised some issues of diplomatic passports issued to members of the Executive and the Judiciary, arguing that legislators are left to live an ordinary life.

Parliamentarians say they have not received their sitting allowances ever since they were elected in 2008.

Their bid to have new vehicles was thrown out by cabinet.

However, Professor Mutambara made a commitment on behalf of the Executive that he is going to take up the parliamentarians’ plight to the highest level, promising to bring the results to the august house in a week’s time.