mutambara arthur 27.09.11.jpgDeputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara (pictured), has accused the West of trying to use Africa, including Zimbabwe to destroy the excellent relations existing between the African continent and China.

Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara who represented Zimbabwe at the just- ended summer Davos Forum held in China said the Asian economic giant offers Africa a great opportunity to negotiate for fair business deals.

Professor Mutambara bemoaned the attitude of the Americans and their Western allies of trying to hijack the World Economic Forum to create differences and distort strong bi-lateral relations cultivated between China and Africa in order to retard development in the continent.


He said during the World Forum, Zimbabwe emerged as number 132 on the global competitive index and is on position 24 on natural resources per capita, an indication that Zimbabwe can be one of the top 10 economic giants’ world wide if there are partnerships with investors who can help in adding value to the country’s products.

Professor Mutambara said: “It is important that those in the inclusive government speak with one voice on all challenges facing Zimbabwe at both local and international fora if the country is to realise economic growth.”

The Davos Forum was held under the theme ‘Mastering Quality Growth’ with the main focus being debating the role of China in Africa.