pap 26.10.11.jpgThe Pan-African Parliament says there is need for African heads of state and governments to draw lessons from the events in Libya where the peace process was hijacked by the West leading to the brutal murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Pan African Parliament says the African Union should strengthen its conflict prevention and post conflict reconstruction capabilities in order to deepen its support in the search for peace, security and stability in the region.

This is against the background of the events in Libya and other countries in North Africa where the third hand has been evident in the removal of legitimately elected governments as the erstwhile colonisers are making frantic efforts to promote neo-colonialism and loot resources in Africa.

cde gumbo joram.jpgThe Second Vice President of the Pan African Parliament, Cde Joram Gumbo said the member states of the pan-African body agreed that Africa has failed to effectively intervene in troubled spots and as a result there has been the hijacking of internal peace processes by the West.

“This is a wake up call for African leaders to take a position on how to deal with such situations if AU can be seen as a body that is worth talking about,” Cde Gumbo said.

The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Mr Mwanananga Mawampanga says the situation prevailing on the global political front where the erstwhile colonisers are now re-asserting their dominance on weaker nations using locals is unfortunate as the continent has been infiltrated by sellouts.


“This situation is unfortunate but it should not be allowed,” he said.


Observers believe that in light of the unfolding events on the continent, a wrong precedent has already been set in Libya where the West through NATO assisted in the ousting and killing of Colonel Gaddafi.

They say this can be repeated elsewhere and for Africa to remain relevant in the new international order, international organisations such as the AU must be serious in tackling the scourge of conflicts which are there to promote neo-colonialism.