libya-war.jpgPolitical analysts say the chaos that has taken root in Libya since the ouster and murder of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is a clear lesson on the dangers of allowing Western countries to meddle in African politics.

The once stable Libya has slipped into anarchy with armed militias fighting rival factions in broad daylight.

Over the weekend, fighting erupted resulting in the death of two people while 40 were injured.

Local political analysts say while the continent looks on Tripoli with regret, the kind of chaos currently prevailing in Libya is what the West loves to see as it creates a conducive environment for looting Libyan resources.

For political analyst Advocate Fortune Chasi, Africa should learn a valuable lesson that external forces should never be allowed to take a leading role in solving problems on the continent as they are the ones who will benefit from the situation.


“Those who stand to benefit when a country is in disarray like that are the very countries that went in to invade. As we speak, the United States is sending 12 000 troops to Libya, what for? This is simply to ensure that their interests in terms of the resources that they require from Libya are suficiently protected for them to extract,” said Advocate Chasi.


Another analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa is of the opinion that if the situation is allowed to deteriorate another Somalia is in the making as signs of a civil war are already showing in the streets of Libyan cities.

NATO invaded Libya under the guise of implementing UN Resolution 1973 which was supposed to be an enforcement of a no-fly zone.


After Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was captured and murdered, the new government has failed to disarm militias who are regularly clashing, making Libya a potential flash point for civil war and illegal arms trade.