A resident of Highfield in Harare, who is a layman on economic issues, says he has potential solutions towards the revival of the ailing industry and advised the government, individuals and captains of industry to have a dialogue on issues of cost of production threatening investor confidence in the country.

The concerned Tashupika Matambanadzo told the ZBC news that the only way to revive the ailing industry is to encourage all players including the government to arrest issues of cost of production by having a dialogue that revisits the operations of the industry in the early 1990s and fit it to the current situation to revive the ailing industry.

He said the US dollar is being undervalued in Zimbabwe, leading to high cost f production and chasing away investors to neighbouring countries.

Matambanadzo also noted that the government should look into a number of issues such as   taxation, rental costs and salaries, which are too high, so that cheap production cost can be realised to attract investors.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has always been on record of extending an olive branch on local, regional and international investors to come and explore business opportunities in the country to revive the economy and create jobs.