zrp cde chihuri.jpgLegal experts say there is nothing wrong with the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces re-appointing any of the service chiefs at the expiry of their tenure of office under current laws of the country, the constitution and the Global Political Agreement.

The recent extension of the police Commissioner-General’s tenure of office and the approaching expiry of General Constantine Chiwenga’s term of office has generated a lot of debate with some in the inclusive government insisting they have to be consulted.

Legal experts say the issues fall under security sector reform, which is a sensitive domain where the parties in the inclusive government will never agree on one candidate, given the polarisation between the partners.

A Harare lawyer says the issue of reappointment of service chiefs is not mentioned in the GPA and that the same procedure used in the extension of the terms of office of the governors and the ambassadors should be applied.

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Another prominent lawyer, Fortune Chasi, said talks on the need for SADC to intervene on the issue is not valid because it lacks the mandate to force another leader to appoint certain figures for posts in the security services.

He said under the constitution it is the President who has the mandate to appoint the service chiefs in consultation with the public service.