visual art.jpgWomen who specialise in visual art are being encouraged to come up with pieces of work that explore women’s issues.  This was said by guest of honour at the exhibition to honour the late women sculptor Colleen Madamombe. 


In memory of the sterling work of sculptor Collen Madamombe, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in collaboration with Springstone Trust recently hosted an art exhibition that showcased works by the late artist. 


Speaking at the exhibition, guest of honour Tsitsi Dangarebga said Madamombe was instrumental in empowering the girl child through her pieces that speak volumes of the re union of mother and child.  Pieces on display included photos and sculptures of her lifetime activities.

Those who worked with the late Madamombe like Agnes Nyanhongo over the years said she started her work at a time when women did not have the courage to take up roles traditionally prescribed to men.


Madamombe’s international fame saw her touring and exhibiting in countries such as Holland, German, Singapore, Australia and the Unites States, where most of her pieces are also exhibited in the permanent collection of some of the world’s prestigious art galleries.


The late artist who was married to sculptor Fabian Madamombe defied the odds placing herself in an elite league of female artists such as Locardia Ndandarika, Agnes Nyanhongo, and Letwin Mugavazi who made a mark in the male dominated sculpture industry.