One of the country’s respected retired judges, Justice Selo Nare has described the late Retired Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku as a principled man who played his part in shaping the face of the judiciary in the country through his judgments.

Justice Nare said the judiciary was made richer by the late Retired Chief Justice Chidyausiku, whom he said was instrumental in creating structures that characterise the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC).

Speaking at his Bulawayo home, Justice Nare narrated how he met the late Chief Justice Chidyausiku and his relationship with his former boss.

“He was not only a man who knew how to rally his lieutenants professionally, but was also a jovial character who related well with his subordinates,” he said.

On how he handled the land reform programme, Justice Nare said the late Retired Chief Justice Chidyausiku will remain in the country’s history books for standing for what he believed was right.

The late Chief Justice Chidyausiku is specially credited for overturning some of the white supremacist judgments, like the Justice Fergus Blackie High Court 1995 judgement issued at night in Nyamandlovu to free some white farmers, a decision that backfired after the farmers were re-arrested.

The judge was later suspended to pave way for judiciary inquiry which eventually reprimanded him.

The late Chief Justice Chidyausiku is also credited for handing down the Samson Mhuriro ruling, which reversed the former Chief Justice Antony Gubbay’s Supreme Court order that authorised the eviction of new farmers on flimsy grounds.

The late Retired Chief Justice Chidyausiku, who died in South Africa on Wednesday last week will be buried on Saturday at the National Heroes Acre, having been accorded national hero status.