A senior gynaecologist says government efforts to reduce new HIV infections in the Midlands Province are being hampered by some pregnant women who seek pregnancy examinations late despite such services being provided for free.

About 30 percent of HIV pregnant women in the Midlands Province are reportedly in the habit of seeking medical examination late, thereby exposing their unborn children to new infections which could easily be avoided.

A senior gynaecologist Dr Johannes Mukwembi who officiated at a Medical Expo at Mkoba Teacher’s College in Gweru told ZBC News that it is essential for pregnant women to seek medical examination during the early stages of pregnancy.

We have a very disturbing scenario here in the Midlands Province where women still take long to seek medical examination when they are pregnant. We have treatment which can prevent mother to child transmission, but this can only work if the mother is tested early and is subjected to proper treatment in time,” said Dr Mukwamba.

The Medical Expo organiser who is Sister-in-Charge for Mkoba Teachers’ College Clinic Sister Concepter Mpofu said they have targeted student teachers on issues of healthy living so that they can take the gospel to the communities they will eventually serve upon graduation.

“As you might be aware teachers are by and large opinion leaders in the respective communities they operate. As such we see it fit to impact them with knowledge on health so that they can educate society at large. We also see this as a platform to educate children since they eventually become custodians of school children,” she said.

The Medical Expo which has become an annual event witnessed student teachers interacting with medical experts on various medical issues while others got a chance to get some medical check-ups.