An absolute critical attribute to success in business is negotiation which entails possessing language skills and the art to entice your customer.

Such is the trick for Bulawayo business tycoon Mr James Rose Goddard whose business deals are conducted using isindebele.

When one walks into Mr Goddard’s office, they are likely to clear their throat in readiness of a clean conversation in the queen’s language, but alas, you will be greeted in polished isindebele and too often one will run short of words as they try to convince the white guy greeting them that they too are equal and proficient in the English language.

Instead Mr Goddard will go into deep Zulu language just to make sure you clearly understand what he is saying.

The ZBC News had an opportunity to ask Mr Goddard when and how he managed to speak such fluent isindebele.

The Bulawayo business tycoon said he is humbled by the love he has seen among his local community whose input has helped him build in his businesses.

Mr Goddard’s proficiency in isindebele serves as a challenge to many business persons to capitalise on language efficiency in areas where they operate as it is a critical negotiating tool.