Manicaland district administrators who chair lands committees have been warned against corrupt dealings in land allocations as there are suspicions of illegal undertakings that occurred in the past.

The Minister of State for Manicaland Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba emphasized that corrupt activities will not be tolerated in the province under her administration.

She said perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly since corruption has stood as a major challenge that the country faces and such activities hinder development.

“A lot has to be done at district level in lands committees. There are a lot of games played and it’s a syndicate. Giving several pieces of land to the same people. We are saying no to corruption, we are saying zero tolerance to corruption, I will not tolerate corruption at all. We do not want corrupt people,” said Dr Gwaradzimba.

Speaking during a meeting with Manicaland local authorities Dr Gwaradzimba also raised concern over the sluggish behaviour that is associated with civil servants.

“Civil servants have been associated with sluggishness, laziness, inefficiency, uncaring attitudes, inefficiency, not time conscious, do not even feel for other people, you just leave jackets on chairs and they disappear. People come with issues and they are referred to the next office and it takes forever,” she said.

The meeting also saw concerns over illegal settlers that have been causing environmental hazards raised with indications that they have to be removed from the illegal settlements as a matter of urgency so as to create order in the province.