housing coorperatives 21-09-10.jpgResidents of Budiriro 3 in Harare are up in arms with the City of Harare after a councillor allegedly converted vast acres of land which were designated for a school into residential stands.

About 3800 square meters of land, originally reserved for building a school in the area, have partly been turned into residential stands, a development that has sparked controversy as residents argue that the authorities are overstretching their boundaries.

ZBC News caught up with the MDC-T Councillor for the area, Mr Sydney Chirombe, who admitted that the land was originally designated for a school but claimed that the plan was later changed in 2008, paving way for the allocation of 46 residential stands.

According to the plan shown to ZBC News at the urban planning offices in Harare, the 3 800 square meters of land is expected to accommodate 46 residential stands and three churches.

Observers say the residents have a genuine case that calls for those in position of authority to urgently intervene.

Last year, Chitungwiza residents were up in arms with an MDC-T councillor after he allegedly converted to his own use, land reserved for a creche.