Mvurwi Town Council has been dragged into a land dispute with residents accusing the local authority of double allocation of stands and shifting goal posts after residents had paid money for 8 years.

Scores of people from 2 housing schemes; Kuruneri and Kurai  have  accused mvurwi rural council of re-selling 150 residential stands belonging to the cooperatives and dodging meetings to resolve the impasse, forcing them to the streets.

The residents’ leader, Gift Chikuse and his colleagues said there are documented cases of double allocation of stands and illicit land repossession by council.

“When we began the project in 2011, they told us to pay up $540, which we did. Then they serviced the stands and they have completed but still they won’t allow us to put our structures,” said Chikuse.

“I have paid $8400 for a business stand, which I am still to be allocated, so are others,” said one resident.

“Some of the council worker have stands in each of the new locations availed,” said another.

The residents sought the attention of the town manager, Mrs Letwin Watumbwa, who however was reported to be on leave.

Left on the hot seat to resolve the dispute, Council Chairperson, Mr Charles Hobodo received the residents’ concerns and promised to call for a meeting on the return of the town manager.

“We have received your petition, we will go through it and look at other details of the matter before we get back to you on the 24th on this month,” Hobodo said.

Nepotism, intimidation and infiltration of the residents association are some the other allegations being levelled against the Mvurwi Rural District Council.