A local think tank, Leaders for Africa Network (LAN) says 75 percent of voters believe that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is independent and is abiding within the dictates of the Electoral Act with 80 percent agreeing the biometric voter registration (BVR) system has enhanced transparency while 75 percent say their political parties have been getting fair media coverage.

The think tank’s views are based on a survey dubbed the 2018 Election Credibility Survey which used a sample of 2 500 eligible voters across gender.

The survey was conducted to analyse and evaluate the electorate’s perceptions on the pre-election environment and the public’s perception on the pledge by the current administration to deliver a credible, transparent, free and fair election.

In its 2018 Election Credibility Survey, LAN Director Richard Mahomva said they focused on the public’s perception on the BVR exercise, where 80 percent of the respondents believed the process create transparency, 80 percent responded that they had not witnessed inter party political violence, and 90 percent said they had not been personally affected by political violence.

Mahomva also said that 81 percent of the 2 500 interviewees said they believed ZEC was following the Electoral Act, while 75 percent believed their political party was getting fair media coverage.

In critiquing the survey generational consensus co-ordinator Makomborero Haruzivishe said the survey was biased and may have been conducted to favour the ruling party, as the marches conducted at the behest of the MDC Alliance had proven that they were not for the view that ZEC would deliver a credible and transparent election.

Political analyst Dr Lawrence Mandara, however, quizzed Haruzivishe on how a political party claiming to wield evidence of manipulation of the election outcome by the institution mandated to conduct polls would continue to participate in the perceived rigged process without simply boycotting.

The elections are due in less than two weeks and the new administration has promised to deliver a credible, transparent, free and fair process while it has continually called for Zimbabweans to observe peace.

In its bid to show commitment to deliver the same, the new administration invited observers from the Europe Union, Commonwealth, AU, SADC and all interested to come and observe the watershed polls.