lake chivero.jpgEnvironmentalists have raised concern at the continued industrial and sewer pollution of the Mkuvisi and Manyame rivers that flow directly into Lake Chivero.

Environmentalists say the industry should be responsible in their waste disposal as Lake Chivero is Harare’s main source of drinking water.

Stinking raw sewerage, dark coloured water and water hyacinth grass spreading like a carpet all characterise Mkuvisi and Manyame rivers as a result of pollution.

While sewage has contributed to the pollution, industries have been the major culprits.

Residents of Skyline area, who spoke to ZBC News, said the problem requires government intervention as it has gone beyond the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

“This problem is fast going out of hand and it is high time the government should bring all the culprits to book,” said one resident.

The residents urged the industry to take responsibility for its actions by making sure they dispose well their waste instead of dumping it into rivers.

Environmentalists said as a social responsibility, industry should relook into its operations and make sure they do not affect the whole city.

Harare Mayor, Mr Muchadeyi Masunda admitted that there is a problem which requires urgent attention, adding that nine different chemicals are required by the city council to purify water due to toxic industrial wastes.

He called for stiffer penalties to be imposed on all polluting industries.

Besides posing a health hazard to Harare and Chitungwiza who draw water from Mukuvisi and Manyame Rivers, industrial wastes have affected the environment’s ecosystem with some rivers drying up while others’ natural flow have been disrupted.