The senior women’s sevens rugby team nicknamed the “Lady Cheetahs” camp is still in disarray despite assurances that they will travel this Wednesday evening for the Africa Sevens women’s tournament in Tunisia.

Despite the hard hours of work being put in at Harare Sports Club ahead of the tournament, the Lady Cheetahs remain a neglected lot.

The team lacks a proper diet surviving on one meal of bread and polony sandwich and mazoe juice for lunch while they still do not have a proper training kit or boots with each dressing as they can afford.

In the midst of all this Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) chief executive officer, Blessing Chiutare has denied reports that the union is broke and to blame for the poor preparations saying everything is now sorted for the Lady Cheetahs Africa Women Sevens trip to Tunisia this weekend.

The union has not been fully functional following the suspension of the Nyararai Sibanda executive with the newly appointed interim committee led by Harare businessman Russel Karimazondo dealt with a blow after some members turned down their appointments citing professional reasons.

The interim committee was supposed to run the affairs of rugby for next six months and everything is now in limbo as the previous board members are on suspension leaving a vacuum for the secretariat with no one to sign documents and no bank signatories.

The interim committee was announced following the dissolution of the Nyararai Sibanda led board for gross incompetence and mal-administration which led to the dismal performance of the national team, the Sables in the Africa Gold Cup campaign as a now stagnant inter-city rugby league.

The Abigail Govera coached lady’s team delayed its camp after struggling to raise money to book a field to practise on and have not had any strength and conditioning or match practice after Botswana and Uganda pulled out of preparatory friendlies.