Mazowe gold mine is re-engineering its production processes, leading to labour rationalisation to ensure operational efficiency.

In a response to inquiries from the ZBC News on Sunday following reports that Gold Fields has laid off hundreds of workers, the company spokesperson, Mr Rangarirai Mberi said Gold Fields of Mazowe, the parent company of the gold mining giant, has suspended underground operations to pave way for modern technology.

While confirming that employees will be affected by the plan in the form of retrenchments and rationalisation, Mr Mberi said the move is being necessitated by the need to increase operational efficiency.

“The latest measures are also being implemented to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure long term viability of the mine,” he said.

The mining company has also embarked on surface and underground exploration with underground mine expected to resume in 2021.

Mazowe Mine is one of the oldest mines in Zimbabwe and exploration and development dates back to 1890 with over 1,4 million ounces of gold having been produced so far.